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Taylor Swift is Troll-Like of the Day

I know that Taylor Swift is like 6 feet tall….so I guess a troll is not the best way to describe the woman…but she’s definitely looking like some kind of demon that has worked her way into the minds of the hive mind and she’s not even hot about it…

It’s like seeing the awkward high school chick on the yearbook committee who doesn’t actually fuck, and who doesn’t turn into the hot chick when the glasses come off, only now she’s 40 and lives amongst the cats, is probably a vegan and may be dying the tips of her hair purple to reach her full middle aged child-less woman potential….but for some reason everyone has a hard-on for her, and that shit is creepy….creepy like these pics.

It’s the monster fucking mash, but the inspiration to all others because girl gets paid because ugly chicks like ugly chicks…because they like to punish hot chicks.

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