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Tay is the Instagram Of The Day

Tay is a Miami based 5 foot 8 tall Cali girl at heart, whatever that means.

She is pear-shaped, which means she’s got big birthing hips and a wide ass to inspire you to breed with her, since birthing hips, like giant sloppy tits are triggers for your animal brain to want to breed a bitch.

I typically don’t really celebrate excess fat on a chick and aim for anorexia often caused by aggressive drug use, but that doesn’t man a soft, doughy SLIM FAT chick can’t generate the boners when posing provocatively.

Sure, toned bitched, fit bitches are probably better, especially if you’re a queer…but a little shape never hurt anyone, except maybe a few people who accidentally suffocated after being smothered by a fat girl’s cunt, but you don’t hear them complaining, that’s some dying with a smile on their face shit.

I am not defending this OnlyFans chick who carries her weight on her hips, I mean she could definitely do some fitness, I’m just saying, estrogen made her this way and as a non faggot in this very gay world, that’s appealing to me.

Image Credit – Instagram

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