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Medical Worker Monday of the Day

Medical Workers seem to be some of the raciest professionals out there. I don’t know if you have to be a certain kind of mindset to be a medical worker and that involves being an exhibitionist chronic masturbating pervert, but it does seem to validate my opinion that all these porn addicted perverted normies out there are being controlled by parasites in their brain from all the anal sex they’ve normalized.

I know that people have been having anal sex forever, it’s the period alternative, but never has there been a generation of people so ass obsessed. It was the thing you did if you were a catholic, or if you didn’t want to get pregnant, or if the pussy was out of commission, or if your dick was small enough….which made it a special occasion, new hole to fuck experience that sometimes ended up pretty shitty….but now it’s like the hole that unites us and the only think I can think is that parasites get transmitted through feces and they NEED us being anal obsessed for their species to survived…

And with that non scientific explanation for how perverted we are as a people, it’s safe to assume that nurses are exposed to a hell of a lot more parasites than most, with the whole being around shit, sick people, blood, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to think the parasites are crawling all over hospitals, ready to climb up on them in every break room and bathroom they pull their cunts out for their internet content production.

Here’s some nurse themed content by nurses who have no fear of losing their jobs for being perverts on the job, they must be unionized, or it must just be the new normal….either way…weird fetish.

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