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Full Back Panties Friday of the Day

It may be Monday, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t relive or celebrate the past, by revisiting a Full Back Panty post.

In the event you visit this site, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve decided to bring back those insane average people getting named galleries that take hours to put together for thankless fucks like you who don’t subscribe to my substack. I don’t have a substack, but all these fucks are out here getting rich as I eat dirt and I can only blame you.

So in revisiting the galleries, here are some full back panties, which are making a comeback after they went through a genocidal event in the late 90s, where people collectively torched their full back panties because they were seen as out of date, for old ladies and not something a hot chick in her prime should wear.

The full back panty, killed by the female hive mind forgetting that men everywhere used to LOVE staring at Panty Lines through pants because we got to SEE panty lines…and if we didn’t see panty lines we wouldn’t know if she was wearing panties and the mysteriousness of it all was THRILLING….only to be taken away from us and sent to thongs.

Anyway, everything makes a comeback, even DrunkenStepfather.com so here’s some pantyline generating panties for your excitement on EASTER MONDAY!

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