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Old Lady Candice Swanepoel Still Does Bikini Modeling of the Day

Victoria’s Secret may have created Candice Swanepoel, but they also fired her after the WOKE MOB came after them, in what was probably just a public firing and not an actual firing, because she got her own bikini brand out of the whole thing and I doubt it’s not affiliated with the BIG UNDERWEAR GIANTS who now make EXTRA BIG UNDERWEAR to appease of the fat whining pigs out there who hate hot chicks.

Well, I don’t hate hot chicks and this Aryan South African hot chick is still hot, even with her tits removed, even after all her kids, even when old, and despite probably deserving to be cancelled for her WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN racism that’s ingrained in her DNA thanks to being a WHITE SOUTH AFRICAN farm owner family…..but she didn’t deserve to be cancelled for being a hot chick…unless you’re into racism, which would make sense since it’s self preservation and oftentimes hysterical….

So for that reason alone, you should jerk off to her bikini pics..

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