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Rita Ora’s Rockin Body of the Day

Rita Ora just launched a direct to consumer hair brand, because direct to consumer products is how these people get really fucking rich, but in Rita Ora’s case, it’s one of her only options because people don’t seem to hire her as much as they should.

Sure, she’s rich as shit and is a hot bodied celebrity with rockin’ tits. Sure, she gets some paid jobs, but it’s not anything like the other celebrities out there with even less followers than Rita Ora. It’s like someone has it out for her, despite checking all the boxes…the way we’d like to check her box…if you know what I mean, how could you not?

This post isn’t about the business of Rita Ora or her tits, I mean maybe it’s about her tits, but it’s not about how she isn’t taken seriously as a celebrity while she does make stupid money consistently….

It’s about some pics of her fit body in a bikini circulating from Australia, where I guess she lives, since her husband the filmmaker is probably based out of there…and I guess it’s also about her one-piece catsuit showing off her fit body, because who really gives a fuck about the trials and tribulations of Rita Ora unless those Trials and Tribulations are in the form of sex tapes, riding the mechanical bull, wrestling, or trying to eat herself out.

She’s older, but doing fitness, so rotting at a slower pace. Critical survival tools.

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