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Denise Richards Bare Ass of the Day

In a world where normies, I’m talking the most basic average looking mid-level middle aged midsized bitch is walking around with half of her asshole exposed, because the hemorrhoids dangle out of the short shorts….

A known hollywood whore, who bred with Charlie Sheen a notorious whore lover, showing what could be the fat build up around her labia, her body’s defence mechanism from infecting the world with her pussy shrapnel, or the off-gassing, or the chemtrails…you know doing all it can to keep that shit contained…..doesn’t seem like that crazy a concept…even if she’s 100 fucking years old, rich and not necessarily in need of this kind of content because she doesn’t have a heroin addiction or gambling addiction that ate all her money. If anything, her addiction is money and she’ll do anything she can for it.

Point of the story, Denise Richards is fun.

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