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Denise Richards in the Shower from Behind of the Day

Denise Richards is pretty fucking old, but that is not stopping her from producing racy content for her fans, showcasing things like her 50+ pussy from behind. The mom lips dangling between her legs like some sort of pinata ready to be beat up with your stick, only for Charlie Sheen’s aids to come pouring out instead of candy.

It’s some church bells ringing after the funeral of some terrible accidented corpse…it’s a set of balls on a pure bred dog you know they’re planning on breeding….it’s a fucking hide-a-bed ready to be unfolded and climbed into for a comfy sleep…those pussy lips are a fucking camper van ready to start a vanlife youtube channel…the thickness is impressive…

The truth is, I like a fat outer pussy lips from behind kind of pussy, the upside down V between each lip is basically the modern day thigh gap, I am just a little terrified of Denise Richards doing this kind of thing….I’ve seen older, I’ve seen worse, so I guess it’s better Denise is doing it than not…so I definitely endorse this venture.

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