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Kim Kardashian is Still a Monster of the Day

I have never subscribed to Kim Kardashian being a hot chick, but she is one of the first ugly chicks to get procedures to trick people into thinking she’s a hot chick thanks to those procedures, which has single-handedly helped destroy society as we know it, because all these other uglies decided they could cosplay as hot chicks too, they just needed the same Frankenstein procedures at varying degrees of success….because if a low life like Kim Kardashian can make it to the top, which she did, any pile of dog shit can too.

the most recent story of the modern clown who has destroyed an element of society as we know it, is that she’s getting BOTOX or FILLERS in her old lady hands…since she’s an OLD lady and both her and everyone else seem to ignore that….

The whole kill the Kardashians movement will be blessed with their wishes of her ending, but unfotunately it will be due to OLD AGE…she’s a senior..

Anyway, this is her silly outfit attention seeking for the Met Gala, also known as the Monster Mash!

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