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Millie Bobby Brown in a Tight Shirt of the Day

I’ve been seeing a lot of Millie Bobby Brown news circulating through Memes, because apparently Kendrick Lamar released a dis track about Drake, calling him out for liking them young, because he’s potentially on some Epstein flight logs, or because he sent DMs to Millie Bobby Brown when she was 12, a story I don’t remember hearing, but thanks to the Memes, I know all about….with all the journalistic integrity you’d expect from a Meme….

Anyway, she does have a creepy fan base of people who fell for her when she was 12, not just Drake, but normal dudes with their stunted brains still thinking they are in High School, but I assume those dudes aren’t into her tight shirt because she’s grown out of their scope…

I didn’t watch Stranger Things, so I can look at her tits as if they are just any old celebrity tits, not some celebrity I saw grow up before my eyes, waiting for the tits to grow out tits…and that’s a good thing.

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