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Caroline Vreeland’s Small Bikini Top of the Day

Caroline Vreelands has big sloppy tits, so any bikini top, even a giant one would be too small for her monster tits…but this top is exceptionally small, you can see her nipples sticking out of it, which is probably all part of her marketing campaign to make you want to give her money to see more pics of her tits, because she won’t actually let you play with those tits, since she’s a fashionista and not an actual whore, despite what her OF cash grab implies.

She’s an LA scenester turned a hometown girl through sex, almost making Montreal a more interesting place, not that the local french girls don’t hold their own without the Hollywood influence of Vreeland, since French Canadian girls are literally born from whores, and are about 400 years of generational whoredom that no one can really compete with. It’s facts, read a history book bro.

Her body is weird, but she’s a mom of 2 and has retarded huge tits, so the rest of her body weirdness can be ignored and swapped out for staring at the giant tits…and giant tits are a fetish we can all support and get behind because we are wired that way!

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