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Fishnet Friday of the Day

The fishnet has such nice image to it. You hear “fishnets” and you think of vintage hookers, 90s strippers, even your wife when she was hot trying to spice things up….maybe I’m a romantic, where I just think of the hot Playboy model in fishnets of my youth, or those days working the drugstore that sold fishnets that I’d steal to jerk off on while thinking of those hot Playboy models in fishnets….

Unfortunately, in my day to day life, the only fishnets I see are on trannies, obese chicks, or awkward Anime watching nerds….the hot chicks aren’t out in fishnets, and since the hot chicks aren’t fucking me, they’re not in fishnets…so ultimately…the internet fishnet is the closest thing I get to hot fishnet content in a world of fishnets being far too accessible for people who have no business wearing fishnets, who happen to be the same people who insist on wearing the fishnets…

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