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Chelsea Handler Promotes her Hawaii Tour with her Ass of the Day

Chelsea Handler may be a vile piece of shit, but she’s also promoting herself by using the body part where she actually produces her vile pieces of shit…just a different kind of vile pieces of shit, but from the same vile pieces of shit…which brings up a very important philosophical question and that is if a vile piece of shit takes a shit, is it’s a more pure and disgusting form of shit than if some pure and wonderful thing produced a shit, not that pure and wonderful women shit, that asshole’s just a second vagina for when they are on their period or something to lick on or stick your finger in when you’re looking for something to do with your hands…

Point of the story, Chelsea Handler is using her ass to promote things and she’s definitely A LOT too old for sexualizing herself, yet here she is doing it for clicks, because these people are all fucking mental….

But you’re also mental, and probaly want to handle her with your hands…wear her like a glove baby, wrist deep.

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