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Elsa Hosk’s Pink Bikini of the Day

Elsa Hosk looks like she’s been jacking up her face a little, but at the same time, all chicks look like this, so who fucking knows what is real or not. It’s like they are all in the same conspiracy knowing that if they ALL do it, then they’ll all have that sex doll found in the dumpster because it’s owner fucked it to death look to them and we’ll be forced to be re-wired into thinking “that’s just how girls look”.

She is the Swedish basketball star who should have put women’s basketball on the map back when she was playing, letting the world know it can be a sport to jerk off to if the right girls are on the court…like Swedish models.

She did the opposite of Britney Griner’s dick or Caitlin Clarke’s records for the sport, because she tapped out and became a bikini model with her tits out.

She was a victim of the collective internet turning their back on hot chicks, forcing them to fend for themselves by finding rich boyfriends or starting their own bikini brands….

Because hot chick models became unaccessible or relatable and fat bitches didn’t want aspirational, they wanted chicks fatter and uglier than them to make them feel better about themselves…

Luckily, we’re wired to love hot chicks no matter how hard ugly chicks hate them, and the hot chick movement will rise again…and the ugly chicks will go back to hating the hot chicks or taking it upon themselves to hit the gym and get plastic surgery to be hot chicks…not just fat girls with that sex doll found in the dumpster because it’s owner fucked it to death look they all have.

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