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Shauna Sexton is the Instagram Of The Day

Hollywood celebrity is dead.

The story of the small town hot chicks running away from their seemingly arranged marriage to their high school sweetheart by hopping on a bus to achieve bigger dreams, only to end up turning tricks in some budget motel to survive when arriving to Hollywood, but occasionally breaking through and getting a Soap Opera job, or an Extra job, or if they are lucky a meeting with a Weinstein-like producer that allows her to level up and get closer to those dreams….is no longer relevant.

Social media runs the world.

The eyeballs are on the influencer, the creator, the model and the self starter who produces and uploads that content, seducing and engaging their audience, captivating us with their hot pics…brands throw money at them, perverts throw money at them, and even Hollywood recruits them when they are relevant enough.

That means showcasing these people most of us have never heard of and digging through the 100s of 1000s of hot chicks and even average at best chicks, producing their hottest pics, through professional shoots, AI, Filters and Fillers all in efforts to get seen, noticed and to live their dream life of vapidness….is the future of the site but more importantly the now of the site….

So here’s Shauna Sexton

Image Credit – Instagram

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