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Miss Great Britian 1996 in a Bikini of the Day

Her name is Liz Fuller, I’ve never heard of her, you probably have because you have been following the Miss World pageant your entire life, not because you are a pervert who likes watching girls from every country in the world share one stage as they prance around in their bikinis, but because it was always your dream to be a crowned at a beauty pageant and found it unfair that they wouldn’t let you, just because you have a penis, but every chance you get you put on your mom’s wedding dress, throw on a tiara and a walk around the room, when one of your stuffed animals hosting the event crowns you Miss Universe, you scream with joy and cry while doing a final speech and and walk around the room before your dad walks in on you and yells at you to man the fuck up because boys aren’t supposed to wanna be Miss Universe, they are suposed to fuck them.

Either way, she’s old and she proves that in her bikini selection, because he’s what you see mom’s on the beach wearing to hide their gunts from having one too many kids, even though they only had one kid, if you know what I mean. I feel like this post was like a scenic drive through the glorious mountains inside my brain that are getting deforestationed from all the hard drinkin…..glad you’ve come along for the ride….

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