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Abi Titmuss in Some Staged Gym Pictures of the Day

The site is heavily UK today. I am not sure why. It’s just how things work out sometimes…and years ago when I was just starting the site…there was always a constant flow of UK slutty pussy because they have an actual scene for these trashy slutty media whores…

Here is 34 year old, nurse turned trash Abi Titmuss, one of the Veteran Glamour Models in the UK who was constanlty in the Paparazzi lens, tabloids for being a wild and busty “Glamour Model”, launched a sex tape and men’s magazine spreads….eventually trying an acting career, eventually disappearing….then making a comeback….then disappearing again….

I am posting these pics cuz they are so obviously staged, set up and designed to get in the tabloids and get her noticed in an attempt for a comeback tour….you know setting this up hoping they all write about her getting back in shape for her comeback but it’s so poorly executed that it reminds me of the beginning scene of a shitty softcore porn…which I guess it very well might be…

But she’s in tight clothes, showing off her body, and whether or not you know who she is, like her, or even like her body, or appreciate a bullshit publicity stunt, or an older lady holding onto the past with her big tits, bending over to pretend to pick up a bag, while fake sweating, it really doesn’t matter what the reason for the pics are, what matters is that they are still worth looking at…and I guess her team already knew that….

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I am – Abi Titmuss Bikini Pics of the Day


Here are some older pictures of Abi Titmuss in her bikini. I am posting them because I don’t know what to do with myself now that my website is down. I went out last night and got wasted, really wasted, and really really wasted. I don’t remember much but I did end up winning money in a slot machine that I used to get myself even more drunk. I am sure funny things happened to me throughout the night, but I can’t think of them right now, and my site isn’t working so I am too busy crying to type.

Speaking of crying, I saw this dude walking down the street the other day and I can only assume it’s got some sort of middle eastern point to it, either way it’s more interesting than lookin at old pics of some slag in a bikini.

Here are those pics of Abi Titmuss in her bikini from god knows when lookin’ fat because I know that’s all you are here for.

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