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Adelaide Kane Australian Tits of the Day

Adelaide Kane Tits Out for Fashion 3

Adelaide Kane is a set of Australian tits

Adelaide Kane is someone I’ve never posted on, therefor I’ve never heard of her, and even if I had posted on her, I probably would not know who she is, because all this shit overlaps and becomes one giant post on slutty overpaid women you can’t afford.

Thanks to WIKIPEDIA, I can learn all there is to know about Adelaide Kane, like that she’s 28, from Australia, a Suburb of Perth where Heath Ledger is from….she was on an Australian Soap Opera that every Australian has been on called Neighbors, before moving the America to be in Teen Wolf….and now a show called Once Upon a Time…that sounds garbage…

She began performing at age three, so you know her mom is some kind of pimp…..by six she was pro..getting paid and her mom taking her cut….

She’s out there doing PR, Publicity, Promoting of herself, with her tits in Mesh to remind us that we all love Australian women, because despite their trashy accents, are often times hot, down to earth, ready for a good time, and most important drunk messes who act very slutty….

Australians are a good place to look for herpes…they travel the world, getting blackout and fucked…the Tara Reid if Tara Reid was a country.

Adelaide Kane Tits Out for Fashion 4


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