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Ray J Gives Advice on Pickin’ Up Chicks of the Day

I know nothing about Ray J, other than the Kardashian Sex tape that made him a million dollars an made her 5 million dollars and lead to her TV show and other jobs. He’s Brandy’s brother and he fucks a lot of girls and this dude got with him and talked about getting pussy.

I don’t know if I’d ask a dude who fucked a fat girl how he got with her, I figure his strategy was simple and that is either offer her some food or give her some attention since everyone always goes for her friend, but then I realized I am talking about Kim Kardashian who think she’s substantially better lookin’ than she actually is so she’s probably a hard pussy to crack because of the ego, but he did get with her before all that hit and she was just his sister’s useless stylist so who fuckin’ knows.

The whole pick up artist movement is funny because I think it works. I have never read much about how to manipulate girls into the bedroom but from the shit I’ve seen negative hits and playing hard to get work. You gotta make a girl feel insecure so you tease her in a way that I don’t tease girls because every girl hates me after about a minute with me, but you make a comment about her hair or outfit that will keep her thinkin’ about it wondering what you meant. An example would be saying “is your hair real” or “those shoes look comfortable”. It just get their wheels turning enough to give you the upper hand and make them want to impress you or prove themselves to you. The next step is to no obsess over them because you have the in, you gotta play it cool like you don’t want their pussies and then all of a sudden they’ll be trying to win you over by throwing their pussies at you.

Ray J’s advice is to use aggressiveness on the classy girls…like pull them aside, tell them to come with you, demand a number and they won’t know how to react so they’ll just go along with it and his other advice is to be corny or make cheesy jokes because girls are into corny jokes it reminds them of playing with My Little Pony and Barbie and seems harmless and cute.

Now the easiest way to get pussy is just to pay for it because a girlfriend has proven to be more expensive than 7 five dollar blowjobs, but if you’re not into the whole paying for sex directly and prefer the paying for sex indirectly because it’s more of a challenge, the key for you to get pussy is to leave your house.

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