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Aida Yespica Brings the See Through Dress To Cannes of the Day

I don’t know who this haggard faced Aida Yespica is…but I know she wants me to know who she is…because she’s wearing a see through dress in Cannes, where she’s being classy, with what is probably a very rich boyfriend, you know the kind of boyfriend that saved her TV Hosting in Venezuala ass from Communism…thanks to her breast implants…

I am all for see through dresses, but prefer when the attention seeker wearing them is more committed to the cause, and doesn’t put on panties…

Because flashing tits in France is hardly a fucking thing, the real kicker, and sign of desperation always comes with labia…the kid that have a clit sticking out like it’s sticking it’s tongue out at you…

Either way, I support this behavior…especially when set in luxurious places…


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Aida Yespica’s Hot Ass in a Yellow Bikini of the Day

AIDA YESPICA is some South American mom/ Pageant winner who has posed nude in the past and who spent the better part of January in her bikini, showing off her awesome South American Ass and implants, cuz South American girls have shitty fucking tits and some take the plunge to save them, while others just breed and get fatter and fatter and fatter, luckily AIDA is too fucking vain for that….rockin’ out hard bodied, looking good cuz we don’t have to see what damage the birthing process had on her whore equipment, cuz she’s wearing bikini bottoms….Smart Move….I guess not all hispanics are half retarded, emotionally driven, drug smuggling farmers…..Some of them are perfect fucking bodies…


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Aida Yespica Bikini Ass of the Day

I don’t know if I’ve posted these bikini pics of Aida Yespica, the south american ex model or pageant girl who has posed nude in the past, rocking out with her hot mom body and fake tits in a bikini, because I’ve posted so many bikini pics the last few weeks, it is all a blur, not to mention most of them were of this girl and her friends, because they were milking the paparazzi while the real celebs were hiding from them….but I’m posting the pics anyway…cuz I got nothing better to do…

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Claudia Galanti and Aida Yespica and Nathalie Bush Slutting Out in Bikinis of the Day

You know bitches are crying for attention….or milking the paparazzi to get pictures of them in hopes of hitting the blogs…it is some very important bottom feeding that I appreciate…even if I like it better when it is in the form of a sex tape….or at least a vagina exposed….but we are perverts and take what we can get….and when bitches, even as mom’s look like this….it is all ok….yes….this is officially one of my more enlightening and hysterical posts….it’s going straight in my best of….or even getting a chapter in my memoir…

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Aida Yespica on the Beach in a Bikini Still of the Day

This isn’t a “if you notice the guy in the speedo you might be gay” situation….this is a “I can’t help but notice the guy in the speedo becuase he’s ruining a perfectly good pic of a slutty south american with an awesome body in a skimpy bikini” situation….

I still haven’t bothered figuring out who this bitch is, how many kids she has, how many times her pussy was a drug mule, or any of the other things about her, but that doesn’t mean I don’t mind staring at her in a bikini…and neither should you….

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Aida Yespica and Claudia Galanti Remain in Bikinis of the Day

Here are so more pictures of a couple of South American models in their bikinis from some family vacation that was set up to remind you how ugly the ass and pussy you fuck is….you know to remind you how ugly the ass and pussy you think is hot and that you wish you could fuck is…because all the good pussy is the shit in third world that wishes it was American….meaning that it looks like this and is willing to fuck you like that….cuz all they want is to use you for your papers and when it looks like this I let them use me for anything….

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Aida Yespica and Claudia Galanti in Bikinis of the Day

Here are a couple of South American models on the beach half naked…showing ass…and not just any ass…amazing ass…reminding us that being in America sucks…cuz there is no such thing as natural bueauty there…all the pretty girls turned to obesity and the girls who are too vain to eat all the corn syrup are the same girls getting botox, implants and dying their hair some fake kind of blonde…..making me wonder why the fuck I am not living in these third world countries where my 1,000,000 dollars a month I don’t make off this site, would go a long fucking way, I’m talking harem filled with bitches who look like this…but instead I hang with a fat pig of a wife I’m about to divorce even though she pays my rent, expenses, life since I don’t have a job. Being in prison that isn’t a real prison….locked in with a fat chick is anything but Good times.

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