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Alaia Baldwin is the Other Baldwin Sister of the Day

Alaia Baldwin Tits Ass Bikini Pussy See Through

ALAIA BALDWIN is Stephen Baldwin’s 25 year old daughter….

She is Hailey Baldwin’s sister…

I accidentally followed her on social media, as you do when you’re scrolling though sluts on the popular page, who are popular because they have that very important American last name.

We can assume that like Hailey, she was raised in the church, you know because Stephen found god to get over his drug addiction, as weak people often do.

We can assume that like Hailey, she thinks her higher purpose is to spread the word of the lord, despite being vapid shamless exhibitionist cunts sexing up the internet in their own self produced erotica, that triggers people to jack off to them, which is against the bible’s way, causing total fucking conflict and confusion, because how can you be a Jesus Freak of the Church and an Instagram THot..

Is it because Jesus forgives, and saves, and even if you kill someone you can divert your guilt to him, by saying he loves you because you accept him in your heart.

Is being a Jesus freak an excuse or scape goat that means you don’t have to be accountable for shit? It’s God’s will, God’s Way, God’s Plan…instead of being like…”yeah I post slutty pics on the internet for attention, like a false idol, so what, I’m a baldwin and without slutty selfies, I’m nothing…I’m doomed”….

I don’t get it or really care, I just wanted to share that there are more than just Hailey Baldwins but als Alaia Baldwins…and the real question is, when you’re last name is BALD, how bald do you keep your pussies for Jesus / Bieber / Stephen…Hopefully not too bald, because I love bush, bush is finally trendy, and shaving your pussy when you’re of God, seems a little against the way of the NUN….

Alaia Baldwin Tits Ass Bikini Hard NIPPLES


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