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Katie Price Ridiculous Book Signing of the Day

Katie Price’s personality is just as ridiculous as her fake tits and her career, but for some reason people are still fueling her stupidity and this life that seems like a joke to an outsider like me is really pretty profitable, making me realize that maybe I should just get myself some stupid fake tits, and tight revealing clothes, cuz if it works for this tranny, it can work for pretty much anyone.

What is even more ridiculous in all this is that her cage frighting boyfriend got dressed up in drag, I guess learning from the fuckin’ best drag queen in the industry first hand for when his cage fighting career ends.

I always thought cage fighting was kinda faggy, you know two dudes in panties wrestling half naked, and I guess any dude who fucks Jordan has sexuality issues, like Peter Andre, so we probably didn’t need this proof, but here it is anyway….and I have a feeling you’ll like it, since you’re bored of girls dressed like girls and lookin for something different to jerk off to, weirdo….

Pics via Fame

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