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Alexis Bledel Sideboob in Mad Men of the Day

Alexis Bledel – a bitch all the virgin losers I used to know were into back when Gilmore Girls was on TV – a show that I don’t think they were really supposed to watch or be into….cuz it was weird for them to watch and be into it….but not as weird as collecting the box sets of DVDs along with shows like Buffy and Felicty…but I guess it was all to support the cause of being a virgin loser….

The fact that 10 years later, the main character from that show, the Alexis Bledel these virgin losers loved a is on Mad Men getting naked, must be too much for these same virgin losers, who likely have had sex, maybe marriage and families now, since a lot happens in a decade, but more importantly, there are a lot of fat 30 year olds who want to get knocked up…willing to settle with social awkward dudes…espeically now that their viring loser hustle has made them rich…..to handle….and that’s why I am posting it.

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