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Alice Baton for Aboslutely POM Campaing of the Day


I don’t know this model Alice Baton, which would make sense, because I don’t leave my house pretty much ever…and if I did, I probably wouldn’t be hanging out with models because they don’t understand that I only tease them and call them fat because I like them, but more importantly, because I like pissing off feminists, I’m pretty fucking basic in my needs…

I do know that models are a dime a dozen, like photographers, totally interchangeable, and willing to get naked or half naked for even just an instagram shoot, it doesn’t need to be paid, or for anything that will expand their career, it just doesn’t matter…

There is unlimited pics of nudes, normal girls and babes, even fat chicks you don’t want to see nude have pussy pics on their phones…we are a whole generation of pervert exhibitionist and voyeur…and I am excited by that…it keeps things interesting…but not as excited as I am about this campaign for a lingerie brand called Absolutely Pom that I’ve never heard of…shot by Pierre Dal Corso….featuring…nudity…as lingerie campaigns are supposed to…

The whole thing gives me hope of a better tomorrow, while giving me tits right here, right now…

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Alice Baton Titties for Io Donna. Magazine of the Day

Alice Baton is a model making a name for herself by getting topless for obscure magazines….I’ve never heard of her or the magazine she’s in, but I have seen her tits and I only care about the tits, especially when they are being shown off by the girls so eager to make it in the pretentious bullshit fashion world cuz if they do make it, it is easy living…and all they had to do was take off their shirt…like a stripper, with the comfort of knowing she’s not a stripper, cuz she only gets topless in photoshoosts, and not for 10 dollars a song, but I think it is the same fucking thing…and that’s why I like Alice Baton enough to visualize her being sodomized by a baton….like it was a college team sport hazing….

Either way, here’s the hot fitness shoot.

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