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Allison Williams and Logan Browning Naked Lesbian Sex of the Day

allison williams logan browning naked lesbian sex

Allison Williams and Logan Browning two of the worst actresses in Hollywood having fake naked lesbian sex in the worst movie The Perfection….

The problem with being unemployed, sitting on a couch all day, hating leaving the house, with a stolen NETFLIX account is that I am constantly clicking refresh to find the new shit…and since I am bored with nothing going on…I always watch the new shit…and rarely am I impressed by the new shit….in fact I almost ALWAYS turn it off within 4 minutes….

Last night, the new shit was “THE PERFECTION”…with some bitch from GIRLS and some other BITCH playing some Cello playing virtuosos from some special school for cello players…you’ve already lost me….who end up in a lesbian affair where together they kill their captor…

It’s not a SPOILER alert, it was shit, and you don’t want to see it.

They every rewound the movie during the movie so you could see what happened off camera – for the full retards…to fully walk them through it.

The plot twists weren’t actual twists…they were turns that had a 50 percent chance of being the story….and the lesbian sex was garbage…

All around a reminder that Hollywood is dead and netflix should be too.

allison williams logan browning naked lesbian sex
allison williams logan browning naked lesbian sex

allison williams logan browning naked lesbian sex
allison williams logan browning naked lesbian sex


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Liar Brian Williams’ Daughter Allison in Bazaar of the Day


When you’re dad’s a liar….it’s good to get into magazines with your shirt off…to disassociate and let people focus on her career and not judge her because her dad..

Allison Williams…some nude girl from GIRLS…the one who lucked out because she’s not the monster Lena Dunham….making her substantially hotter than she is by associations…

We used to call the fat girls who girls hang with to make them look hotter…the fat manager.

It was like you had to get through the fat manager to get to the girl…but more importantly…the fat manager by association made the girl all that much hotter…especially when they are the only group in the bar at 3 am…and she’s got 10 fat managers with…you know the diamond in the rough approach..

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Allison Williams Gets Ass Eaten on TV of the Day

I remember a time when it was a huge deal that the dude from NYPD Blue showed his bare ass on TV, and not because no one wanted to see that old, moustached, fat ass…but because it was one of those things that would offend the Million Mom’s movement of two million judging, misinformed, miserable eyes…who decide what is an isn’t appropriate in the media…which is nothing fun…because the other 100 million moms are out having fun and too busy to whine about bullshit…

While, now ass is being licked on TV…in a lot of ways…I feel like the mainstream has spoken, and has turned over to what I’ve been preaching from my website soap box forever…

The is from GIRLS..I’m just happy it isn’t Lena Dunham’s ass being eaten, because that would make me throw up.


To see something terrifying..here’s Lena Dunham in pasties…

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