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Aly Raisman Trivializes Victims by Releasing a Raped Themed Bathing Suit of the Day

Aly Raisman Trivializes Victims by Releasing a Raped Themed Bathing Suit

Aly Raisman Monetizes on Being Raped in the Weirdest Rape Themed Publicity Stunt – That is Clearly a Fucking Trigger and not Empowering To Rape Victims Who have Actually Had Serious Trauma in their Lives, while reducing rape to just a bathing suit. Fuck you Aly Raisman

It is WEIRD, OFFENSIVE, EVIL to commercialize and montize on rape or sexual assualt…

It’s such a sensitive issue, where not all women want to reduce their lives being ruined by years of assault to a slogan or catch phrase on a bathing suit.

I am offended by this and I’ve never been sexually assaulted, except that time I woke up to a monster of a girl sucking my dick, but I never felt like a victim, despite being a survivor..

Point being American Eagle put this out there, probably thinking they were doing a #MeToo movement good thing, maybe even money from it goes to charity, but the fact is that it is insensitive, disgusted and MISGUIDED like all this MeToo Shit, people all buying into nonsense claims from nonsense half naked people and nonsense…

Irresponsible and here she is with a fat chick..

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Aly Raisman in her Real Bra & Panties Shoot of the Day

Aly Raisman Posing in Panties and a Bra

I think we can all agree, that the pervert Olympic Gymnastic’s doctor who molested 100s of girls, who we were happy to see get his 40-160 years, where he will rightfully get his balls ripped off for being a piece of shit….

Despite the love so many dudes have for female gymnastics that has always weirded me the fuck out because the stunted big legged girls look like they are 10 year old midgets on steroids…most dudes know that fucking with young girls is something that should end in death…

So Aly Raisman is a survivor….and now she’s doing underwear campaigns for a brand owned by American Eagle Outfitters…because I guess that’s empowering…

Or maybe it’s like all those porn chicks sexualized at a young age turning to sex work..

But let’s just go with empowering….at least after reading this statement she made at the trial….

“You have not taken gymnastics away from me. I love this sport, and that love is stronger than the evil that resides in you, in those who enabled you to hurt many people,”

Perfect timing for a panty campaign while she’s in the media…maybe a little exploitative really…but here it is anyway..

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