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Anastacia Mastectomy Scars for Fault Magazine of the Day


Anastacia is some 48 year old American singer – who I think had more internation fame than local fame – but I don’t really remember – because I can’t think of one Anastacia song….

What I do know is that she’s nude enough for a 48 year old in this photoshoot – that shows off her breast cancer stars…because she had breast cancer in 2003, then she had it again in 2013 – so she decided to go for the chop – and get the double mastectomy – intense….but fuck that noise, who wants to deal with cancer coming back over and over – chop that shit off – plus you can always get breast implants to still feel like like you have tits – even though dudes are really more into butthole than tit…unless they are homos…because tits don’t make the woman…vagina does…

That said, here’s those pics….for you to give thanks for not having cancer – or beating cancer – or that there will be a cancer cure eventually saving tits everywhere…

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