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Angel Lola Luv in Black Man’s Magazine Photo Shoot of the Day

I was talking to a black girl last night about how I have a black girl fetish but am deprived of the shit because black girls want nothing to do with old, broke, Mexicans with small dicks, and makes me wish I was George Washington, and all these hot bitches worked for me for free, or some shit, so she sent me a picture of her tits to help ease the pain, but she didn’t understand that my black girl fetish, although her amazing tits, is about the fuckin’ ass and for some reason, she didn’t have any ass pictures on hand, which made no fucking sense to me, because if you’re a black chick, it should be second nature to have pictures of your ass on hand, but I guess who needs her when we’ve got girls like Angel Lola Luv doin these kind of photoshoots….

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Angel Lola Luv’s Hip Hop Model Photoshoot of the Day

I didn’t watch this video, not because I am racist, but because I am lazy, yes, too lazy to watch fucking videos of big booty hip hop models doing photoshoots for magazines/websites/god knows what the fuck this is, but since I am half asleep and uninterested, I figured it would give you something to watch while I gather my thoughts and decide if life is worth living.

I’ve never heard of this Angel Lola Luv chick, but her name is nice and stripper-like, but I am not really an expert on this hip hop model movement, so check it out if you’re down with brown.

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