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Jen Selter has the Booty of the Day

Her name is JEN SELTER and her ass is taking over the internet…one “fitness” pic at a time…I mean shit..this girl is next level…and I want to cheap my tooth trying to get her asshole pregnant with my tongue…I think this is what love feels like…

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Sophie Turner’s Booty Can’t be Real of the Day

I don’t understand Sophie Turner, who she is, or what she does, but I do understand that she’s a typical whore, who claims to be a Lawyer in Australia, who I guess always had an interest in being a Galmor Model whore with fake tits….but I do understand that her booty can’t be real….asses just don’t look like that, maybe it’s the way she’s posing or some camera tricks, but I’m thinking she’s got some padding jacking her shit up, literally and despite hating these attention whore, plastic, fake, obvious pussy cuz I find it played out, dated and boring, I gotta support any ass that sticks out like a shelf….even if it is on nobody special….who has a long career of getting fucked by black dudes, probably athletes ahead of her….livin’ the American Dream.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Britney Spears and her Hot Booty in a Bikini of the Day

Britney Spears has one of those amazing round asses and it amazes me when I see that her boyfriend isn’t black. Sure, she had K-Fred for a while who thought he was black, but was really just a joke, the kind of wigger who proved hip hop entering the mainstream was a disaster because white trash everyone tried to bootleg the shit on a budget, while still being the racist hicks they always were, so it made for a really weird yet funny vibe when dudes who would have been dragging a black kid behind their pick-up trucks 10 years earlier, were trying to imitate them, dress like them and rap badly in efforts to be like them, sometimes even dating black girls and knocking them up to feel like the rappers they idolize, so he doesn’t count as an honorary black guy, he was a white trash Wal Mart version of a black dude at best, but he did do one thing right and that was make his bitch pay his motherfuckin’ way while he sat around playing video games and you can’t hate a brother for that….

Either way, here’s her ass in a bikini and I like it.

Pics via Bauer

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Renee Zellweger Makin’ Her Booty Pop of the Day

Renee Zellweger has a scary monster face. I’m not sure if bitch went to her plastic surgeon and told him she wants to look like a dinosaur or a halloween mask on a regular basis cuz it will give her comepetitive advantage in her career, or if this is just the way she was born, because this kinds of genetic confusion happens, especially if the parents are related, but at least she’s makin’ an effort to pop her booty to distract us like so many ugly girls have done before her. That slut.

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Ron Howard’s Daughter and Her Ass in Tights of the Day

Redheads fascinate me. It’s like I don’t even believe they are actual humans, but are instead some kind of alien sent from another planet to integrate themselves with us to document how we function. I’ve never had sex with a redhead or experienced their firey pubic hair, but part of me really thinks that they don’t even have genitals all they have is super alien strength but that could also come with generations of being ostrocized and picked on for being different, you know freaks who were clearly spawns of Satan.

That said, this bitch is rumored to be from Ron Howard’s womb, made in his hit movie making lab that is his scrotum and her name is Dallas, named after the stripper who Ron Howard was thinking about when cummin’ into his wife, I guess assuming that giving her a stripper name wouldn’t result in her actually becoming a stripper since they are rich, whereas the trailer trash I know who name their daughters Candy and Jasmine are just makin’ shit easier on their kids futures by giving them their stripper name, so as to not have to remember both names cuz that’s hard for a crackhead.

See I don’t know if that joke communicated the way I wanted it to, but I guess it’s a starting point. Rich dudes name their kids stripper names and they become actors because it’s seen as new age while poor people name their kids stripper names and they become the whores their parents hoped they’d become, cuz getting naked is easy and you do it for free so you might as well get paid for it, plus there’s hope you can meet a nice trucker to marry …..

You get what I am saying…and if you don’t…then just look at her fat ass and small titties, if you’re not too disgusted by her hair color…

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Some Footballer Daniel Sturridge on a Beach with Some Booty of the Day

I don’t know what I am doing today because of this hangover, but I do know that everyone is still talking about Michael Jackson, at least everyone in the bar last night was, like it was some kind of huge shocker, considering dude hasn’t looked like a corpse the last decade, you know cuz his African American skin color didn’t die a long time ago, and that series of skin bleaching insanity he went through in the 80s, probably had nothing to do with the painfulskin cancer he was dealing with, so in celebration of his black skin, here’s a couple black people on the beach in Barbados, and I’m lovin’ the girl this footballer is with, because I pretty much love all black girls, they just don’t love me.

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Minka Kelly’s Got Some Booty of the Day

I don’t know who Minka Kelly, but I’d like to introduce you to her ass. Not that I’ve ever met her or her ass and really have no business introducing you to anyone, but this is my site and I can do anything I want, including write useless posts about nothing, because that’s really to basis of my existence.

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Angel Lola Luv’s Hip Hop Model Photoshoot of the Day

I didn’t watch this video, not because I am racist, but because I am lazy, yes, too lazy to watch fucking videos of big booty hip hop models doing photoshoots for magazines/websites/god knows what the fuck this is, but since I am half asleep and uninterested, I figured it would give you something to watch while I gather my thoughts and decide if life is worth living.

I’ve never heard of this Angel Lola Luv chick, but her name is nice and stripper-like, but I am not really an expert on this hip hop model movement, so check it out if you’re down with brown.

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Pornstar Pinky and Her Big Black Ass in a Pink Dress of the Day

That last thing that I fee when I see this video of Pinky is that I want to fuck her. She looks more like someone I’d expect to tell me that my credit card is not actually my credit card when at the pharmacy trying to buy 1000 dollars of lactose to cut my meth with. You know, the kind of ass that makes me want to go on a diet and that makes that diet easy because it turns me off of fucking food. Her ass is too fucking big and if you put that shit in some sort of police line-up I’d expect it to be an ass that takes up half of my fucking seat on the bus and breathes fucking heave and not something people like to see getting fucked or naked or any of that, but for some reason that I’ll never quite get, people love the shit, so when I got this video of her short legs and huge ass, I figured I had no choice but to post it…I mean, that and that fact that she’s being so fucking creative wearing a pink dress when her name is Pinky, that’s almost as innovative as the pink weave she’s rockin….all this is time better spent doin’ sit-ups.

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Hot Booty Video of the Day

I have no idea where this is from, it was just emailed to me and it got me so worked up and hungry. I am thinking it may be one of the lost Obama campaign commercials, but I’m usually wrong about these things, you just gotta watch it and decide for yourself. I got no story to tell, because this hits far to close to home for me, only my wife doesn’t know how to dance, or sing, she just knows how to eat and sit, and her entire body is obese, not just her bottom half, but more importantly, they don’t make lacy boy shorts this bitch in the video is wearing in my wife’s size, so we just use garbage bags and newspaper and there’s really nothing sexy about that…especially the smell….so I’ll just post the link.

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