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The Victoria’s Secret “Angles” Do Some Christmas Promotion of the Day

Victoria’s Secret is the number one company in the illegal human trafficking sex trade. They go to impoverished countries, find these desperate teenage girls before they get into porn or kidnapped and shipped off for traditional prostitution, and take them away under contract for legal prostitution. They work the fashion shows, catalogs, ad campaigns for years upon years, eventually being too old and replaced by younger girls from impoverished countries who have the same deal as they did, only to go onto other work, with other customers, always giving their pimp that made them who they were a little kickback, and always being willing to come to their pimp’s events when asked to, because they know what’s good for them and no whore likes upsetting their pimp…..

Either way, they were at some Holiday promotion, slaving themselves to their big corporate owner and they weren’t wearing lingerie, but they were showing their faces, and sometimes lingerie model faces are more appealing than lingerie model bodies, if of course you are a gay make-up artist taking notes to improve your style and use on your middle-aged clients….because that has to be the only person who gives a fuck about what their faces look like, while every straight man is trying to pull up old pictures of them modeling to imagine these pictures under better circumstances, like less fucking clothes.



Miller and Ambrosio


Yes, I just called them all by their last names, it’s a step up from the barcode number Victoria’s Secret uses when GPS tracking them trotting the globe, so that they don’t fall off track and get seen buying non Victoria’s Secret products….because like a bra and panty set, these bitches are property of Victoria’s Secret.

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