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Some Boardwalk Empire Nudity of the Day

Gretchen Mol and Anne Bergstedt Jordanova were naked in Boardwalk Empire, which aired last Sunday, which means I am 3 days late on the shit, which I blame on being in Central America, where the Coca Cola is half the price of the bottled water owned by Coca Cola, where there are no TVs or Internets in my cabana in the jungle, where the prostitutes are large in their ass and flat in their tits, but some have dicks….and where the handjobs have been weak and lacked conviction….so keeping up on the shit, while trying to stay alive, for a show that you’ve probably seen already, even if it is the best parts of said show….is not exactly a priority….but you know what, I’ll do it for you anyway….because I believe in the progression of Television…from shitty sitcoms to hardcore porn…it is all about evolution….

Gretchen Mol….

Anne Bergstedt Jordanova….

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