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Some Boardwalk Empire Nudity of the Day

Gretchen Mol and Anne Bergstedt Jordanova were naked in Boardwalk Empire, which aired last Sunday, which means I am 3 days late on the shit, which I blame on being in Central America, where the Coca Cola is half the price of the bottled water owned by Coca Cola, where there are no TVs or Internets in my cabana in the jungle, where the prostitutes are large in their ass and flat in their tits, but some have dicks….and where the handjobs have been weak and lacked conviction….so keeping up on the shit, while trying to stay alive, for a show that you’ve probably seen already, even if it is the best parts of said show….is not exactly a priority….but you know what, I’ll do it for you anyway….because I believe in the progression of Television…from shitty sitcoms to hardcore porn…it is all about evolution….

Gretchen Mol….

Anne Bergstedt Jordanova….

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Meg Chambers Steedle Naked for Boardwalk Empire of the Day

I didn’t watch Boardwalk Empire because I don’t own a TV and I have to go to my neighbor’s house, who is a weird, possibly gay, old man who likes to touch me inappropriately while I’m using him for his HBO, making me feel used and violated like a common whore, not to mention his house smells like chicken soup….

But the good news is that the good parts….namely the 1920s inpsired titties….hit the internet the day or two later…so despite liking the show…I can follow what’s going on through the tits…

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The Naked Chick from Boardwalk Empire Premiere of the Day

I only watch one show on TV and that show is Boardwalk Empire. I am not sure if it has much to do with the acting or storyline, because I always end up falling asleep, as much as it has to do with the era of whores, booze, bootleggers and luxury….or maybe I just like seeing girls with grown out bushes in nude scenes trying to make it.

Her name is Meg Chambers Steedle, she is the new mistress, she is topless, dressed in 1920s gear, with 1920s natural tits and she’s lovely.

I love this throwback vintage Americana shit…

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Nakedness in Boardwalk Empire of the Day

Her name is Paz De Le Huerta….I’ve posted her naked in the past …..she was on the new the Martin Scorcese directed show about Atlantic City, Prohibition, Prostitution, Gambling and the Mafia in the 1920s premiered last night on HBO, and since HBO likes making TV shows that are like movies, there was some titty in the Steve Buscemi sex scene….He’s the main character, a pretty sure sign this show is going to not only last, but be bigger than the Sopranos…

I watched it, it was pretty good, but then again, I like all the seedy shit America is built on….cuz organized crime, smut, drinking and gambling are some of my favorite things…

To See the First Episode of Boardwalk Empire – Follow this Link – To See the Sex Scene – Scroll to 46 minutes in….

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