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Emmy Rossum Naked on TV of the Day

I don’t like Emmy Rossum, but I do like what she represents.

You see she blocked me on social media for making fun of her, and I encourage that kind of behavior, as a feminist who likes to empower women by making fun of cunts like this who get naked to get ahead in their careers, like a slab of fucking meat….because all they want is fame and fortune and global acceptance…I figure it’s important to call them out for the bullshit that they are….and I do like seeing girls get naked, I just like when they do it because they want me to jerk off to them, instead of for trying to advance an acting career…ya know…a whlole lot of authenticity is missing from her strategy, but that can be said about all these fame whoress.

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Game of Thrones Nudity of the Day

I don’t’ watch Game of Thrones, but apparently everyone else in the fucking world does…because you are all drone losers with shitty lives who need to turn to a television show for distraction, purpose, and something to talk about…I mean if you didn’t watch Game of Thrones what would your FB status update be every fucking Monday…and if you missed Game of Thrones you could always just complain at all the people on FB who spoiled it for you…

The point is that I encourage mass mentality, because I think when programmed by the right person, good things will happen…like mass destruction..

I also encourage any TV show with Nudity that is making other TV shows do nudity, because for someone who has always been too “racy” for the mainstream, this porno generation is catching up with me and I like it..

Her name is Nathalie Emmanuel…and her tits are tits on TV, that prior to this may have been tits in the porno…and right now are tits on my site…fascinating…


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Cable TV Nudity of the Day

I am a fan that cable TV has nudity, it’s the only way TV could really survive when put up against the porn filled internet, because there was a time when you had no choice but to jerk off to Baywatch, phone sex infomercials, and music videos…so it’s progress as a concept…but it still hasn’t happened on network TV, cuz based on the Seinfeld and Cosby porn parody, sitcoms would be better with full penetration.

Here’s some nudity from TV…just because I like nudity in all medias…





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Nude Scene from Masters of Sex of the Day

I am really starting to appreciate the direction TV is taking…there was a time when I was growing up that I could only get off to music videos, Baywatch, figure skating, or late night infomercials…but now TV is like pornography, even the sitcoms make blow job jokes, because the internet has distorted the world to make them start thinking a little more like me, making me think that there is still hope in this horrible world…hope that people will lighten up…and that one day…a mainstream advertiser will advertise on my site…so that I can afford the private jet I always wanted….

This is Nicholle Tom and Simone Carter…in some show called Masters of Sex…that seems pretty amazing….

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Some Sunday TV Nudity of the Day

TV is pornographic now and I am a huge fan of that, because masturbating to music videos, figure skating, tennis and swimming competitions, Mary Hart’s legs, Chrissy from Threes Company…Jennifer Aniston’s nipples in friends, Roseanne and Oprah on the off days, some sluts on Jerry Springer and Scrambled porn, got boring fast and forced the world to turn to the internet to get off…and in TVs struggle to stay alive, they got a little European up in America….and said “hey sex isn’t all that bad, let’s fucking compete, fuck the Christians and the censors, and the advertisers, it’s on” and as far as I’m concerned that’s a good kind of evolution, progressive unlike when we gave women the right to vote.

Let’s just hope it leads to penetration…

Here’s Anna Paquin in True Blood

Here’s Brooke Smith in Ray Donovan

Here are the pics..

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Game of Thrones Sex Scene of the Day

I don’t watch Game of Thrones but apprently, this bitch, who I am not going to bother figuring out what her name is, getting naked is a big deal, a big turning point in the story, a story that doesn’t matter. That I don’t understand, people I find Sci/Fi and fantasy the fucking worst thing ever, but people everywhere are embracing it….

But I guess when sci/fi fantasy, although weird, awkward and makes me uncomfortable, smells like stale semen a jar in your mom’s basement, you know with all those dragons and fairies and trolls and shit, hot girls generally aren’t into cuz it just screams virgin loser sword fighting at lunch in some weird fucking warzone at the park, with people just as weird as him, is ok if it’s a 45 second clip with a naked bitch in it….

If you’re on your mobile phome – this clip should work.

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Game of Thrones Screencaps of the Day

I don’t watch Game of Thrones. That whole scifi/fantasy shit has made me uncomfortable since High School, when I’d walk by the nerds in the Sci/Fi Fantasy club interacting with their own kind in the most socially awkward way.

Not that being a loner is that much better, I mean at least they found people they can trade nerd secrets with, establish a bond that lasts for a lifetime, filled with conventions, cosplay and going to war in the park on weekends, it just makes me uncomfortable, especially when nerd guys and nerd girls link up and discuss how awesome their apartment is going to be with the video game/Magic the Gathering room they are going to be setting up.

You know what I mean, it’s like I don’t care that shit exists, I’m glad for them that they found each other to bond over the shit, but I just can’t take wizards, dragons and all that shit seriously. It doesn’t exist, my brain can’t get into it,if anything I find it stupider than XENA, but these screenshots from the latest Game of Thrones are awesome, because I don’t have to listen to the bullshit and I can focus on what matters, contortionist ass contortionized.

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Stephanie Fantauzzi Brings Some Tits on TV of the Day

I didn’t watch Shameless last night…because I don’t have a TV and I avoid my creepy neighbor who lets me use his for such important events like the Academy Awards….despite not wanting to hang with him…cuz all he wears is a robe and is often times exposed and touching himself while staring at me….even though I’m not a very good lookin dude…in fact I’m the kind of guy who can go to a gay bar and not have one guy…not even the lonely guy try to talk to me…making the whole experience pretty sad and not one I like to throw myself into….But thanks to the internet….I get to see all the good parts without the sexual harassment….I am also not that into Shameless cuz it is too sensationalized, you know just throw everything at a story that is offensive and wrong and people will love it…making it too unrealistic to get into….

Her name is Stephanie Fantauzzi….and here she is makin’ it in the entertainment industry…one nipple at a time…

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Isidora Goreshter from Shameless of the Day

I watched Shameless the other night….it is sucking me in despite hating the idea of actually being into a TV show…especially one that Emmy Rossum is on…but the storyline is just so out there…it reminds me of a Harmony Korine movie…where they just throw anything twisted together into one script…and see what sticks….because let’s face it…I love all things gutter and disgusting and perverted…even if it’s fictional and mocking my gutter and disgusting and perverted people….

This scene happened after a dad walked in on his son getting fucked up the ass before having a string of tennis ball sized anal beads shoved in him….sounds awesome right…well daddy is a homophobe and beat the fuck out of the kids….made a call and 3 minutes later this “Russian” hooker showed up to fuck the gay out of his son….while they all watched….she’s a babe….it works for me….

Here’s the clip…..

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Some Emmy Rossum and Emma Greenwell Nudity for TV of the Day

Shameless is actually a pretty interesting, hardcore, show and it’s got William H Macy and a gang of opportunists who are willing to get naked to advance their careers, which has worked for Emmy Rossum as she ventures off into Disney Movies, while her day job involves simulating sex like a pornstar…..and she’s doing it with some girl named Emma Greenwell, who is also trying to advance her career through getting naked, the way I like careers to be advanced…..I guess the casting director at Shameless likes girls who’s name start with the letters EMMMMMMMM…..because here’s Emmy and Emma in this week’s episode…getting naked….cuz that’s what they do…

Here’s big Hollywood star Emmy Rossum:

Here’s up and comer Emma Greenwell:

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Titties from Shameless of the Day

As much as I hate Emmy Rossum…I watched this episode of Shameless the other day, not because I like TV shows…or because I support anything in hollywood, but I will say it was refreshing to see a show mock Downs Syndrome, cover topics like tranny children, meth addiction deaths, sucking off the boss and fucking dudes with strap ons….in what was like one big mishmash of inappropriate sleaze….that almost reminded me of my life…a life that I thought would never get on TV….because it was too vulgar….but I guess these hollywood types just do it better…..

And here are some of the tits from that episode…

Emma Greenwell

Galadriel Stineman

Shanola Hampton

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This Week’s Shameless Nudity of the Day

I love the storyline of Shameless…I don’t watch the show…it bores me…but the idea of a dead beat drunk dad with annoying kids who fuck and get naked….speaks to me….in fact I should be writing this show…..

I also think William H Macy is less annoying than most actors….but I hate this Emmy Rossum clown….who was a nobody until her agent got her this gig…and now she’s all snobby and thinks she an actual celebrity or a premiere actor…to justify getting naked on some cable show….you know because no one, not even porn chicks like to admit they are talentless hacks who just get airtime cuz they fuck on camera…

That said…here are two of the nude scenes from this weeks show…in a feature I call HBOobs….the boobs on the boobtube that has become boobs LCD screen…..thanks to modern technology cable, piracy and streaming…..

Emmy Rossum….with her riveting performance…..such a rich storyline….

Emma Greenwell…who I have never heard of but don’t mind watching bend over….

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Meg Chambers Steedle Naked for Boardwalk Empire of the Day

I didn’t watch Boardwalk Empire because I don’t own a TV and I have to go to my neighbor’s house, who is a weird, possibly gay, old man who likes to touch me inappropriately while I’m using him for his HBO, making me feel used and violated like a common whore, not to mention his house smells like chicken soup….

But the good news is that the good parts….namely the 1920s inpsired titties….hit the internet the day or two later…so despite liking the show…I can follow what’s going on through the tits…

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The Naked Chick from Boardwalk Empire Premiere of the Day

I only watch one show on TV and that show is Boardwalk Empire. I am not sure if it has much to do with the acting or storyline, because I always end up falling asleep, as much as it has to do with the era of whores, booze, bootleggers and luxury….or maybe I just like seeing girls with grown out bushes in nude scenes trying to make it.

Her name is Meg Chambers Steedle, she is the new mistress, she is topless, dressed in 1920s gear, with 1920s natural tits and she’s lovely.

I love this throwback vintage Americana shit…

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Some Tits on TV of the Day

You know what I like? Tits on TV….not because I have cable, but because I think the more they squeeze by the censors, the better off we are as a people….as a society….as a country….as a world….

Seriously, I’ve been jerking off to TV from France for the last 3 decades, they’ve never left tits out of the mix, but America has…and for that….many sex offenders have been bred. It’s all related, sexually liberate and despite the possible herpes outbreak, we’re better, more relaxed, less twisted freaks….

I’m glad this is finally happening, and I’m glad I get to see the tits on TV thanks to the internet.

Weronika Rosati in Luck

Anna Wood in House of Lies…

Stephanie Fantauzzi in Shameless….

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