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Game of Thrones Sex Scene of the Day

I don’t watch Game of Thrones but apprently, this bitch, who I am not going to bother figuring out what her name is, getting naked is a big deal, a big turning point in the story, a story that doesn’t matter. That I don’t understand, people I find Sci/Fi and fantasy the fucking worst thing ever, but people everywhere are embracing it….

But I guess when sci/fi fantasy, although weird, awkward and makes me uncomfortable, smells like stale semen a jar in your mom’s basement, you know with all those dragons and fairies and trolls and shit, hot girls generally aren’t into cuz it just screams virgin loser sword fighting at lunch in some weird fucking warzone at the park, with people just as weird as him, is ok if it’s a 45 second clip with a naked bitch in it….

If you’re on your mobile phome – this clip should work.

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