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Stephanie Fantauzzi Brings Some Tits on TV of the Day

I didn’t watch Shameless last night…because I don’t have a TV and I avoid my creepy neighbor who lets me use his for such important events like the Academy Awards….despite not wanting to hang with him…cuz all he wears is a robe and is often times exposed and touching himself while staring at me….even though I’m not a very good lookin dude…in fact I’m the kind of guy who can go to a gay bar and not have one guy…not even the lonely guy try to talk to me…making the whole experience pretty sad and not one I like to throw myself into….But thanks to the internet….I get to see all the good parts without the sexual harassment….I am also not that into Shameless cuz it is too sensationalized, you know just throw everything at a story that is offensive and wrong and people will love it…making it too unrealistic to get into….

Her name is Stephanie Fantauzzi….and here she is makin’ it in the entertainment industry…one nipple at a time…

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Emma Greenwall and Stephanie Fantauzzi Naked in Shameless of the Day

I don’t watch Shameless….because I am too busy doing more important things like staring at my wife while she sleeps contemplating whether tonight will finally be the night it all ends for her….it’s far more exciting….and aspirational thinking and better for the soul than seeing some drunk deadbeat dad and his slut kids doing white trash things….cuz I live that shit and prefer to not spend my spare time on it….not to mention I don’t have a TV, but I do have the internet and thus access to the good parts….like Emma Greenwall and Stephanie Fantauzzi nude….

Here’s that Emma chick….

Here’s that Stephanie Chick

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