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Some Sunday TV Nudity of the Day

TV is pornographic now and I am a huge fan of that, because masturbating to music videos, figure skating, tennis and swimming competitions, Mary Hart’s legs, Chrissy from Threes Company…Jennifer Aniston’s nipples in friends, Roseanne and Oprah on the off days, some sluts on Jerry Springer and Scrambled porn, got boring fast and forced the world to turn to the internet to get off…and in TVs struggle to stay alive, they got a little European up in America….and said “hey sex isn’t all that bad, let’s fucking compete, fuck the Christians and the censors, and the advertisers, it’s on” and as far as I’m concerned that’s a good kind of evolution, progressive unlike when we gave women the right to vote.

Let’s just hope it leads to penetration…

Here’s Anna Paquin in True Blood

Here’s Brooke Smith in Ray Donovan

Here are the pics..

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