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Minka Kelly’s Beach Mouth to Mouth Erotica of the Day

I am offended by all these shitty TV shows that are getting picked up and financed, not because I cant get my own TV show sold and produced, but because Aaron Spelling shows were shit in the 70s, shit in the 90s, and I can only imagine shit now. Sure, bitches running around solving crimes like this is Baywatch nights seems so logical, but seriously, at least re-package the shit under another name and like the throwback shit die with Farah Fawcett.

Here’s some action on set…..Some Minka Kelly doing mouth to mouth in an uneventful body…..throw in some Rachel Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh, bitches I’ve never heard of, but who I guess are the sidekicks in some wet suits, shoot on the beach and you have a recipe for some smut I wish didn’t exist….

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