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I am – Aria Giovanni Lingerie Shoot of the Day

Aria Giovanni

2 years ago I got this really cushy gig working coat check at one of the large after hours clubs in the Gay Village here in Montreal. The great things about gigs like that is you basically get paid to listen to good music, talk to cool people and get fucked up all night. You also get to know a slew of regular clients which is nice, but you also end up seeing them in all sorts of weird situations, which when you are underage and working in a bar is pretty fucked, you know??

So there was this regular club girl that came there all the time with her older, greasy boyfriend, who looked like a slimmer version of Brandon Davis, only with a beard. This chick was an eleven out of ten, for real. Nice implants thats didn’t look too fake, long blonde hair, and a nice tan that didn’t make her look like a Jewish house wife. She was always really nice to me and talked to me alot and over time we got to know each other fairly well, and she would always tip me great at the end of the night.

So this one time I was on my break, and I went to the upstairs bathroom to do a few bumps cause it was always way less busy in that bathroom. The last stall door looked a bit open, so I headed for that one to get some privacy. As I pushed open the door, who I do see, but this chick and her man. The chick is standing on the toilet, with her skirt and panties around her ankles, the guy is down on his knees with a pen in his mouth, and he is blowing what I can only assume is cocaine directly up her ass. Now you have to understand that this was about 2 years ago and I was only beginning my decent into drugs and sexual deviance, and at the time, it scared the shit out of me. I bolted out of the bathroom and went back to work. She came to get her coat at the end of the night and I gave it to her without even looking up. Things were horribly awkward ever ytime I saw her after that, but she seemed to tip me even better, so it was like whatever, you know?

Here’s Aria Giovanni. She looks like the type of gal who would let you blow coke up her ass and then fuck her all night, if you weren’t a fat virgin who still lived at home.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

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