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Ashley Green at the Twilight Premiere of the Day


The Twilight Premiere…..and Ashley Green’s tits were there….cuz Twilight is the only reason she fucking exists….

I feel like more people cared about the Twilight Premiere than they did about the presidential election…this shit is bigger than fucking god…the kind of event publicists for all the low level stars were fighting to get into…media fucking hype for the worst fucking movie franchise of all fucking time…I’ve seen 5 minutes of one and it was fucking ghetto….

I am not looking forward to hearing about this garbage the next 3 months…but I am glad that it’s the last one in the franchise…because then we can go back on to living…normal…unpolluted by garbage lives…no wait…that won’t happen….hollywood will force feed garbage down our throat.

To see a bunch of pics…One Would Say the Master List of Twilight Red Carpet Pics of Girls Like Kristen Stewart – Showing Upper Thigh…and Other Low Levels Looking to get Noticed…..from the Red Carpet

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Ashley Green’s Titties in a Tank Top of the Day

Everyone’s freaking out about this Ashley Green bitch, so I figured I’d post these boring pictures of her cleavage in her tank top cuz I know at least one of you weirdos is jerking off to these right now and as much as that depresses me, because you should never be able to get off to anything that isn’t naked, otherwise you are on the verge of and as awkward as it is that I some how managed to get involved in your masturbation even if it is not directly involved in it, it’s more than I want to be….

Pics via Fame

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Ashley Green and Her Bikini Top of the Day

There’s something nice about girls who wear bikini tops instead of bras, it’s like they are prepared for something that none of us are in on, whether it be a flash flood, or maybe an emergency situation that involves saving a drowning kid from a public pool, or a dying pigeon in a fountain, or why ever the fuck else you’d wear a bikini to get your nails done and I’m not complaining, because I like bikinis, just not on me, they make me look fat, but so does pretty much everything else, including leaving the house.

I have no idea who Ashley Green is but you can google the shit as well as I can, probably even better, since my computer has aids, so it will give you something to do. You’re welcome.

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