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Asia Argento Nude of the Day

Asia Argenta is the satanist who potentially killed Anthony Bourdain….and she’s posing naked for some old religious artwork, which you know is some sort of satanist symbolism….but that I don’t bother looking too far into.

She’s posting her old lady, overly tattooed, creepy as fuck ass naked, to remind you what an ass so good it kills a motherfucker, like Bourdain, who basically lived the best fucking life you could imagine…traveling the world, hanging with cool people locally, eating weird and next level foods, all paid for by evil CNN, I mean good fucking deal…but when a demon convinces you to jerk off with your bathrobe around your neck for masturbation purposes to provide the body for Epstein’s hanging death, you know it’s all part of a master plan…

The story they are saying pushed him to kill himself, was that she mind fucked him so hard, that he saw paparazzi pics of her with another dude and it was too much for him to handle, which is pretty humiliating, because if you kill yourself over a bitch, especially an old weathered spoiled rich kid bitch, when there are so many bitches out there, your’e a fucking loser….

I don’t care how good you think her ass is, there are plenty asses as good, or better, that aren’t old as shit, who don’t try to mind fuck you to death….and the fact it worked on that guy is just fucking crazy, assuming he didn’t fake his death, which is always possible, I don’t believe anything.


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Asia Argento’s Words of Wisdom of the Day

I don’t give a fuck about Asia Argento, I don’t even remember her from the 90s when she was relevant, I barely even remember her name or her nudes…she was a name that popped up on early internet porn sites under Celebrity…..the Hollywood rich kid from Italy with big tits and bush….that we’ve probably jerked off to but don’t remember cuz she doesn’t matter…

Now that we are older, I find her lame. It’s like grow up 90s trash, you’re so fucking disconnected from what’s actually going on, even when she tries to associate with the era #metoo..

The only Parts Unknown I ever saw was the one on Asia Argento, because I was at a friend’s house and he made me watch the show, and I said “Bourdain is totally fucking that girl”….and I thought “that girl reminds me of the 90s in the worst way, just fucking rich kid who think she’s got some higher purpose, who is not even hot anymore cuz she’s old”….who a 60 year old like Bourdain would fan boy, because he remembers her dad’s spaghetti Western’s or some shit, or the same early internet celeb nudity sites we used to jerk off to while she just went at his dick and possibly destroyed his soul…because that’s what black widow narcissistic weirdos do….

Now, her and Rose McGowan, are buddy-ing up, pretending they are not gutter sluts, has beens who don’t matter, attacking Weinstein like we care…acting like ambassadors to something that they can’t be ambassadors to..but they have found some media attention from so they run with it…..

More annoying is that she posted a video of her dancing to Staying Alive, after her “boyfriend” hung himself..last week…the same boyfriend who is the only reason anyone is talking or noticing Asia Aregento…

Fucking weird or trying to be weird…cuz she strives for weird…it’s her “art” that isn’t art…

Fuck this bitch, here’s some vintage argento nudes…

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