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Gisele Bundchen Does Assless Pants of the Day

Looks like Gisele is working the next big Gay Pride Parade and these are pictures from the photoshoot to promote the big day. I always found her hard face a little manly, but had no idea that she was a lady boy from Brazil, despite being far too familiar with Brazilian lady boys but that’s a story I am planning on taking with me to the grave. I guess it’s good to see her breaking out of her shell and letting us all know about her alternative lifestyle by throwing on a pair of her friend who died of AIDS last year’s favorite pair of pants….living a lie is always a huge weight on your shoulders that often times needs to be broken down, despite how embarrassing it is for you and your family. I’m talking to you closet case.

Either way, if Gisele is your thing, here’s her ass in a pair of Gay Village special assless jeans that always throw me the fuck off when they walk by me on a big muscular dude in a leather vest, but may make you a little uncomfortable when you cum all over your lucky pair of underwear…weirdo.

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