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Audrey Tautou See Thru Shirt of the Day

Audrey Tautou is from France…so this is typical fashions of the area…I think even school uniforms are made like this….meaning just cuz you can see her nipples at a public event…doesn’t mean it is sexy, or supposed to be sexy, it’s just getting dressed and shouldn’t be made into a big deal…especially since she looks like she’s pushing 50….despite being 35…I guess the good life…filled with Wine and Cheese and cocaine has caught up to her….or at least her face….and this all brings up a very important question…why the fuck am I posting Audrey Tautou like she matters…she was in one or two american movies and doesn’t matter…oh right…the nipples…they always get the best of me.

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Audrey Tautou is in a Bikini of the Day

Here’s some French actress I don’t give a fuck about in a bikini, which is pretty upsetting considering French girls are supposed to be all sexually liberated and topless all the fucking time but that’s just false marketing. I live in a French place and the girls here are never fuckin’ topless, they just take it up the ass on the first date. I know I’ve said that before but there are hardly any nude beaches and the ones that are nude are all fuckin’ fat old married chicks who you wouldn’t want to see naked even if you were desperately in the mood to see some tit. It’s the kind of thing that pretty much ruins a nude beach.

Even in the bars on wet t-shirt night, all the contestants are always the English girls trying to prove that they are just as down as the French girls who just sit and laugh, knowing that society already knows they are sluts and they don’t have to publicly demean themselves like that or some shit, but always make up for it by taking it up the ass on the first date.

Here’s Audrey Tautou and her 30 year old body for anyone out there who is a fan of hers and can’t wait to see her next movie “Coco Avant Chanel” because you’ve always wanted to see the brain behind the French Fashion house before it was a French Fashion house. You fucking homo.

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