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Some Adult Expo Bullshit of the Day

I didn’t go to the AVN Awards this year because I wasn’t invited by a porn company or credited as press or given money to cover the shit, because I guess they figured I’d do it all for free with other people’s pictures and that I don’t deserve to have fun. See I’ve got a thing with a room full of drug addict, daddy issue, molested and raped whores with no self respect, but I’m not into a room full of drug addict, daddy issue, molested and raped whores who mistake the attention they get from getting fucked on camera as actual self-worth and purpose and who really gives a fuck…

More haggard, battered, disgusting women than at the local welfare line, these ones are just more ambitious and realize they can make a decent living filming sex for some Jewish execs, they pay more than the dudes they fuck for extra drug money in their shithole apartments.

In the event you missed the point of this post, I fucking hate pornstars, they disgust me with their bottom feeding, it’s like anyone can get cheap plastic surgery, a dress at the sex shop and get filmed fucking, it’s just that not everyone is that fucking ghetto.

That’s why I like my porn amateur and unstaged. Sex tapes and fucking self-shot pics, where real girls are fucking on camera for free cuz they like fucking and made bad judgement calls one night when drunk with the wrong guy. It’s way fucking hotter than this stripper trash.

Either way, here are the pics from the tradeshow if you’re into used up trash who cost too much, unlike me, who pays used up trash the price they deserve, which is always far less than retail, a price that is the only reason I’m fuckin’ with them, cuz trust me, it’s definitely not for their ragged fucking cunts….seriously….

BONUS – Shauna Sand Was There in a Ridiculous Outfit…

Pics via LFI

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