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Britney Spears in Her Backyard Getting Stalked of the Day

So the paparazzi are on my ass for publishing harassing emails they send me and for posting images they claim are theirs even though I find them on forums and shit. I’ve decided to start a war against them, I just haven’t really figured out how I am going to do it because I am poor and in Canada.

I guess what it comes down to is that I find it insane that people can make millions of dollars taking pictures of celebrities like this. Here is Britney Spears in her backyard and some motherfucker got the exclusive by either hiding in her bushes or on her neighbors roof and I know that If I ever did something like this, I’d be arrested.

I know when I take pictures of girls tanning in their backyards or at the park, I always feel like I am going to get caught, so I try to set the camera up to either be hidden or like I am a photography student trying to get a shot of the tree they are next to. Crawling in bushes and shit is just too risky for me and something I’d only do at night andI never actually put the shit online, let alone sell it to magazines and websites for insane prices.

I guess the point of this post is to say the paparazzi do illegal shit to get their pictures and profit from the shit so I think it’s hypocritical that me posting pictures I deem where illegally taken as being copyright protected. It’s like a drug dealer trying to sue someone for not paying for weed you sold them. Shit just can’t hold up in court.

This post isn’t funny, and that’s because I am depressed. Hold me.

Some Bonus That’s Not Really Bonus of Britney Made Up and Showing Some Tit to Go With Her Fat Chin….

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