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Some Ads Too Racy For Calvin Klein for the Gay and Vagina Owning Readers of the Day

I got this email:

Ok so I have a friend at a photography studio in the East Village in New York and he sent me these pictures of Calvin Klein Model Garrett Neff that were supposed to be deleted from their server. He is their new underwear model and these pictures were too risque for CK to put in the ads. I attached them. I think your readers would love them. Enjoy!

I know that I asked for people to send in exclusive pictures and stories, and I can’t go back on that request now, but for some reason was expecting things a little dirtier in a good way and not in a way that will lead half my closet case readers into a state of confusion, arousal and shame all at the same time. Either way, I assume at least one of you 10 is a gay or a vagina and will actually enjoy them, for the rest of you, take a good look at this dude, then walk to your bathroom mirror and take a good look at yourself and understand why girls won’t bang you.

Thanks for the tip reader, you have made DrunkenStepfather take an interesting new journey into the darkside…..

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