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Rihanna’s Rude Boy Behind the Scenes of the Day

Rihanna proves that good marketing can make peipople real fucking famous, because she’s really not that interesting to listen to and she’s seriously not that interesting to watch, even when in skin tight outfits thanks to her weight gain and I’m pretty much ready for her to disappear and the good news is that I am pretty sure this is her last album at the top, I really think the rest of the world is tired with her too, and her 15 minutes that turned into 4 years are over.

I can only hope she wasn’t paid very much so that she get sent back home and is forced to live in her shanty she grew up in and in ten years this celebrity dream will feel more like a dream than reality, I figure it is possible since she is from the islands and based on the maid I used to work with when I was a gardener for a rich family, people from the islands get ripped the fuck off…..but my luck is usually not that good….

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