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RIP Motherfucker The Bernie Mac Edition of the Day

Comedian Bernie Mac died at 50 and I didn’t kill him, but Pneumonia (AIDS) did. I think 50 is too young to die but the good news is that he has worked his way out of the gutter and created a pretty mainstream career that made him a lot of money and that got his work out there.

He started in the ’70s. He’s made his impact. He is respected and loved in the community and an inspiration to poor black kids from the projects everywhere and he will be remembered by his many fans and followers and that’s more than we can say for any of us when we die….because no one cares about us.

Now I don’t know anything about Bernie Mac, but in 2007 he made this joke…..

“I’m going to still do my producing, my films, but I want to enjoy my life a little bit,” …

So, I guess he does dark comedy. The truth is that death sucks, so RIP Motherfucker.

Here are the Top 3 Bernie Mac Comedic Moments in History that I could Find in 3 Minutes

Bernie Mac on Def Jam Comedy

Bernie Mac on Def Jam Comedy Again

Bernie Mac in House Party 3 with Kid and PlayEven though this could all be a publicity stunt for Cedric the Entertainer (who is fat enough to be the first King of Comedy to Die) and Steve Harvey, but if it is true, then my heart goes out to his family.

Now his kid, who is 30 won’t have a dad anymore and will now really fit in nicely with her friends from her old neighborhood who have never had a dad, but jokes aside, shit still sucks.

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