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Best Ass Pictures of 2008 of the Day

I got my good friend to go through the site and send me what she thought were the best ass posts of 2008, I was a little too drunk to go through the shit or reflect on the year and remember ass pictures that were better than this and with laziness comes laziness, so I want to do my friend justice and post her lists and I’ll just agree with her choices because it’s New Years Day motherfuckers and I’d rather be fingering my asshole….

Nicole Richie’s Doesn’t Let Being a Mom Get Her Down. Her Vagina On the Other Hand….

You Figure Being on Dancing With the Stars Would HAve Made Kim K Lose Some Weight

Fergie Wears Mom Shorts, But You’re Probably Into That Cause You Want to Fuck Your Mom

I Don’t Know Who Natalie Pinkham is, But Her Ass is World Famous to Me

Mena Suvari Wore a Thong Bikini

Gisele Really Knows How to Start Fashion Trends

Emma B is Just Way too Much

Kate Hudson 12 Year Old Lookin’ Ass That I Am Sure You Will Love, You Fucking Sick Fuck

The Best Ass of the Year Was Helen Miren’s a Couple of Weeks Ago

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