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Miley Cyrus Showing Off a Big Black Bra of the Day

I’m not a chick, but I have seen chicks in bras and I don’t think they have every quite looked like the bra Miley is wearing and showing off under her shirt. It’s like this is some kind of undershirt shaped like a bra, or maybe Miley just doesn’t want to admit she’s an A-Cup and stepped up to a B out of ego, or maybe this is a modern training bra since she is still a kid, but whatever it is, I know it looks pretty fucking awkward, and I guess in her defense not only will there be no chance of a nipple slip, there is also no chance of getting dudes hard cuz it looks fucking weird….well actually she is underage and has a huge following of perverts everywhere who like the idea of underage pussy and pay little attention to what that underage pussy looks like because being underage makes it good enough….but it still looks fucking weird….

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via Fame

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