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Pubic Hair Shaving Story of the Day

This is a pretty hot story, but unfortunately the girl involved is a piece of disgusting white trash that looks like it works a backwoods gas station when not too busy getting drunk off home made screech, but at least we can all laugh at the fact that she had an accident shaving her pussy while driving without a license to a date while her ex-husband was steering in some kind of inspiring story of possible friendship after a white trash marriage breaks up, where the ex will take his fat wife to meet her customers. A story so inspiring Mo’Nique, the Academy Award winner, should take notes on, not because it’ll make a good sequel to Precious, the white version of poor dysfunction but because I saw her hairy legs on Barbara Walters and I almost threw the fuck up, that was clearly the Oscar moment I’ll never forget, unfortunately and that was without imagining the condition her fat, warm, sweaty pussy must be in. The smells….disgusting….

Either way, check out this story, it could be the best news story of the year…

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